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thumbnail Art Nouveau - The Age of Beauty in Bead Crochet
The look of beadwork without beading!

Art Nouveau chokers, bracelets, belts, headpieces, Circlets, necklaces and pendants in bead crochet.

This book contains 27 patterns, 149 diagrams, and the ability to create over 100 designs using different combinations of the basic patterns. The book shows 71 different combination choices but there are many more combinations that can be created.

Required Materials to get you started:

size 8 pearl cotton
size 11 seed beads
25x18mm flat back cabochon
thumbnail Goddess of the Sea - Crocheted Choker No. 1
This is a wonderful book that enables the crocheter to make the lovely Art Nouveau Mermaid Choker pictured on the cover or you can choose from several other Victorian and Bridal samples pictured here on our website. There are literally dozens of possibilities with this versatile pattern.

Pattern is for Intermediate or Advanced crocheters.

Materials List

Pictures of Completed Chokers

Customer Comments

Kit for this pattern

thumbnail Victorian Purses & Amulet Bags in Bead Crochet

New techniques in Bead Crochet!
Instructions for 3 bead crochet patterns and 3 crochet patterns. By varying thread sizes you can create 20 beautiful Victorian style bags, 8 purses or wrist bags, and 12 amulet bags.

  • 96 pages with easy to read large type.
  • 64 illustrations and diagrams using international crochet symbols.
  • Coil Binding so it will open flat.
  • Intermediate and Advanced patterns with easy to follow instructions.

Materials List

Pictures of Completed Bags

Customer Comments

thumbnail Beaded Bags & More - 2nd Ed. - edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot
This is a wonderful 146 paged book filled with bead crochet, bead knitting, and traditional beadwork patterns for beaded bags, some jewelry, a few tassels, 2 lamp shades, and several beaded Victorian ornamental pieces for clothing decoration. 8.5" by 11" softcover. Second Edition.
thumbnail Bead Work Second Edition - edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot
This is a wonderful 94 paged book filled with bead crochet, bead knitting, and traditional beadwork patterns for beaded bags and some jewelry. 8.5" by 11" softcover.
thumbnail Classic Beaded Purse Patterns by E. De Jong-Kramer
This is a fabulous 56 page pattern book containing beaded purse patterns for bead knitting but they can just as easily be used for bead crochet since most of the patterns are charted. A charted pattern generally has a bead in each stitch (single crochet). Book has wonderful color pictures! 5.75" by 8.25" softcover.
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