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Ramona: Love the choker book. My first one came out just beautiful.
I am having the time of my life with the chokers. They are so much fun and you can be as creative as you like. I am so looking forward to the purse book. They look so beautiful. Just want you to know that your instructions are the best I have worked with in a long time. Thanks so much............Patricia
I have recently purchased the book on chokers that you offer and let me tell you, I just Love, the pattern in this book! I am just curious if you will be coming out with more Victorian crochet choker patterns or possibly even a pattern or two for the head pieces that you offer.

I just finished crocheting an evening gown for my daughters prom and what a great addition the choker made! I had so much fun adding all of the beads onto the choker, each one was carefully placed and rearranged before finally being added to the finished product. My husband, who generally isn't interested in any of my crochet projects actually got down on the floor and helped me to place all of the beads.

A head piece would be a great addition to her "set," but I haven't seen anything like it anywhere, except on your website. I cannot however afford one that has already been made, although they are well worth every penny that you are asking for them!

You are truly a credit, as well as an inspiration to crocheters everywhere! Your designs are no less than gorgeous! I can only hope to look forward to seeing your work published again and again and again! I will check back with your site (frequently) to see if you have any more patterns for sale. I love looking at your work anyway, it is so beautiful and if you have any other publicized items for sale, or expect to be publishing any in the near future, would you please let me know.

Thank-you so much for not only taking the time to read this e-mail, but for also giving crocheters everywhere the knowledge and experience of your fabulous designs.


Wanted to let you know that I have finished my first choker from your book and I am delighted. Your pattern is so well written and very easy to follow. After my first "say, what???", (this when I reached "working along the side") I put my brain in gear and followed directions and VOILA! It worked! Thanks for writing a great pattern. Please let me know when you have further patterns published.



I just had to tell you how much I like your crochet bead chokers.

They are fantabulous!!!!

Suzanne Cooper


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