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I have been thread crocheting..some very complicated things for a long time...using even number 30 thread crochet for some intricate Irish star doilies I made for some time as gifts to friends and learning the beading and making your purse...I just persevere...I've learned when confused..stop..think, try, if its not right..never give up..stop think and try again..and I've never failed. I LOVE your patterns..oh do I ever!

If not for purchasing your book with those wonderful Victorian bag patterns, I never would have made them....I was so astonished by the gorgeous bags..I just had to have the patterns to make them please do use that comment. My point is to get crocheters to challenge themselves...its very fulfilling and crocheters end up with amazing stunning works of arts like your bags. All they have to do is try..and keep trying and they will succeed. Look at what you have done..amazing beautiful chokers...delightful artistic creations.

I'm working on a black one with gold/glass and crystal beads for my mom.

Lin Hawkins
Thank you so much! I have already completed the princess bag. It is so beautiful. Thank you for your patterns & for publishing this book! What fun projects-everyone adores this little bag. I am always on the hunt for great finds like your pattern book. please let me know if you have anything else like it! Thank you.


I must tell you that I learned of this book quite by accident by surfing the web. I love to crochet and beadwork has recently become a fascination. When the book arrived in the mail, I opened it and the designs absolutely took my breath away. This book shows that crochet is indeed an art. I appreciate the patterns and the new technique presented and of course the opportunity to grow and learn something new. Thank you. Please inform me of any new patterns.

Most Sincerely,

Suzanne Busick
Ramona, I love the little beaded crochet purses. Any other pattern for that type of thing would be appreciated. What other type patterns do you have? Will there be another book?


Dear Ramona,

I have received your great book yesterday. Thank you very much, that was fast! On first look I will have to postpone my project until next year when I will retire from work. Although I understand English very well I will need time to fully understand the descriptions. I am not saying that you have not made it comprehensible but with all the abbreviations it is not so easy. Maybe I will translate it before I start working. Whatever, I look forward to make a beautiful evening bag for myself in the near future!

With best wishes,
Hannelore Hensen
Dear Ramona, I bought one of your bead spinners about a month ago. Right after that we went on a two week vacation and I have not been able to get back to you. It really works nice! I am not nearly as adept as you but am doing better each time. I also bought one of your books and have made several motifs. My 11 yr old granddaughter is the thrilled owner of a triangle purse in pink with beads and a purple square purse trimmed with beads and wants to use one for her Senior Prom in 7 years!! These were my "practice and learning" projects. Just thinking about your beautiful things make me gasp. Enjoyed my visit with you so much.
Thank you again,
Linda Bryant
Anyway, why your ears should be burning is because I belong to an E-mail group of crocheters. I have told everyone about you. Within this group, we have 5 people who have become very good friends--one in Washington, West Virginia, Florida, Illinois and Saudi Arabia! 4 of us have had considerable knowledge of crocheting, especially Sarah from Saudi, one is just learning to use thread. After I got your book, I had trouble with the front bead half double crochet stitch, so I made a bookmark with a little map of Australia on it. Sarah was fascinated because the beads were only on one side--I bought your book for a gift for her. Loved it, then Pat was able to buy a bead spinner and has now ordered your book because we both told her not to do any beading without it. Sarah has made a lot of your purses and some other motifs using your stitches, I have made several purses and a big doily, and at least several times a day, we exchange ideas using "Ramona stitches" None of us have tried all of the beautiful embellishments you have, but that will come later. Golly, I wish you lived closer to me. Looking forward to your new book. Marsha in West Virginia will be ordering your book after the first of the year. Best wishes on your new book and on your remodeling.
Love, Linda
I wrote to tell you I received your great book, but I didn't know how really great it was until yesterday when I actually worked the stitches! Thank you so much for sharing a truly wonderful technique!!!! It always made me a little sad to have to use the back of my bead crochet pieces ---- and now I don't, thanks to you. Thought you might want to know I really appreciate this new knowledge. The stitches are so easy to work and your directions are very clear. Thanks a MILLION!
Babs Petry
Hi Ramona,

Just a quick thank you I received your book at work this morning and now all I want to do is go home to start a project.

Thanks again

Kylie Simons
Hi ,

I just love your book, I wonder if you would share your color of thread and beads of Treasure on the back cover.

Many thanks,

thank you so much! i have already completed the princess bag. it is so beautiful. thank you for your patterns & for publishing this book! what fun projects-everyone adores this little bag. i am always on the hunt for great finds like your pattern book. please let me know if you have anything else like it!

thank you.


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